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Brokers Association
  • INDUSTRY Real estate
  • OTHER TECHNOLOGIES Typescript + jQuery, MySQL

The introduction

Real estate agent’s cooperation streamlined.

We have simplified, connected in one place and automated the association’s life

Real estate professionals wasted time on operations.

Warsaw Real Estate Brokers Association unite professionals focused on the Polish real estate industry standards improvement. They attend training and workshops to improve brokers’ qualifications. WREBA cares about the high level of ethical standards being aware of their responsibility and trustworthy reputation in the whole environment.


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The problem

They had been working manually, using outdated systems and spreadsheets.


They needed an effective, all-in-one tool to automate and streamline cooperation with all of the stakeholders.

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The result

We’ve conducted workshops to determine the most important pain points. Then, we’ve built features documentation broken down into an Agile implementation plan. Developed one by one, WREBA received a useful platform covering each of their business areas.

A custom platform built for WREBA centralizes all of the workflow touchpoints. From documents workflow, running online & offline events to detailed financials and collaboration features – each increase association’s efficiency online to better operate offline.

A general overview of the areas we covered includes:

  • Membership management
  • Financials
  • Recruitment
  • Events management
  • Documents workflow
  • Calendars, surveys, and Q&A board
  • Content Management System

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Tools and technologies

We use these tools to complete these project

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